We are on the verge of the deepest, the fastest, the most significant disruption in food and agriculture since the first domestication of plants and animals ten thousand years ago.

Animal proteins today are made using an outdated and inefficient production method: feeding an animal with a very poor protein conversion ratio to finally use only a fraction of what it produces.

The cost of alternative proteins, would it be plant-based, fermentation-derived or cell-based will be five times cheaper by 2030 and ten times cheaper by 2035 than existing animal proteins.

This disruption will have a huge impact on industrial animal farming. We predict that in 10 years, the cattle farming industry will be bankrupt. All other livestock industries will suffer a similar fate, whether they produce meat, egg or dairy.

We are The VERY Food Company and we want to be a major player of this disruption.

Today, we pre-launch the Nomelet in Switzerland, the first liquid egg substitute to be commercially available in continental Europe.

Tomorrow, we aim to become the world’s leading producer of animal-free ingredients for cooking and baking used by professional chefs and home cooks alike. We create one-to-one animal-free replacements that do not compromise on taste and texture and do not require any change of recipes.

In brief, we drive the change without changing people’s habits in their kitchen.

We are starting with the alternative egg category because it is at a sweet spot. Egg production has a huge impact on the planet and on the animals, the market for egg alternatives is underdeveloped and egg has about 70 different uses in cooking & baking which resonates very well with one of our missions: to make plant-based cooking inclusive.

We are in stealth mode and appreciate any feedback. We are working on scaling up our operations to make the Nomelet available all over Europe by 2022. In parallel, we are working on extending our range of products with other exciting and tasty animal-free ingredients for cooking and baking.

Join us in changing the food system, one Nomelet at a time !

Zurich, July 2021

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